Our company first began its journey in 2014, under the name of Sor’un Information Technologies. As a business messaging platform striving to elevate the communication between customers and businesses all over the world, we set out to follow a global path and rebranded our company as MindBehind Information Technologies in 2016. Today, we’re thrilled to work with over 80 enterprises as an international conversation management company. With the aid of our interactive conversational solutions rooted in world-class AI technology, we now aspire to make MindBehind the common thread in facilitating highquality customer service. In this path of achieving operational excellence, we are more than proud to have a dynamic team of over 70 talented and passionate members willing to take MindBehind to great heights.

When it comes to reinforcing our young and vibrant MindBehind team with new members, our top priority is moving forward with people who exude enthusiasm for challenging themselves to grow and keep learning every step of the way. We’re looking for selfmotivated indviduals who can also be collaborative team players capable of cultivating positive interpersonal relationships in MindBehind’s modern remote work environment.